Kensei is a special character status that could be obtained in the game, where the player is denoted with a blue icon. Only one individual per weapon type could hold the title of Kensei, which denoted the most proficient player of that weapon type. If a Kensei loses in a duel, he forfeits his status to the victor and is given a purple icon to signify former Kensei status. Players with the title cannot refuse duel requests, a system intended to prevent players from hoarding the prestigious status but causing the side effect of attracting player-killers.

The Kensei title is activated after the completion of the second battlefield, given to the battlefield's participants that scored the most monster kills for their weapon class.

Kensei Edit

There are eight possible kensei in Kensei Online, corresponding to each of the classes of weapons: axe, bow, dagger, fist, gun, mace, spear, and sword.