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August 4, 2014


September 29, 2030

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Siofra was a soldier-type spear user who was also a friend of Nero. She was killed at Yester Castle by goblin snipers.

Biography Edit

Siofra spent much of the beginning of Kensei Online alongside Nero, training together in preparation of the first battlefield. Although she did not want to fight at Yester Castle, Siofra also did not want Nero to go. After Nero adamantly defended his decision to go, Siofra decided to go with him. In the battle against Gurkak the Goblin King, Siofra was cut down by reinforcement units that Gurkak spawned. It was revealed later on that Siofra prepared a delayed voice message to Nero, timed to be sent on Nero's birthday, acknowledging the likelihood of her not surviving by then. Siofra told Nero not to blame himself for her death and that he must continue onwards and survive the game. She ended the message by wishing him a happy birthday and gave her last goodbye.

Personality and traits Edit

Although easily frightened by the prospect of death, Siofra was good friends with Nero. Siofra could overcome her fear when the time required it, though she usually credited her strength from the presence of companions who were also working hard. Siofra cared a lot for Nero, believing that he would be able to survive Kensei Online, regardless of what happens.

Skills and abilities Edit

Siofra's spear skills remain unknown, though it is heavily implied that Nero helped her improve her skills.

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Behind the scenes Edit

Siofra is Irish Gaelic for elf or sprite.