Yester Castle is the first battlefield in Kensei Online. The monsters consist of 60 goblin warriors, 20 goblin snipers, and the boss monster Gurkak the Goblin King. It was conquered on September 29, 2030.

Enemy tacticsEdit

The goblin warriors charge enemy lines with no regards to safety. A small group of goblin warriors remain behind to protect the goblin snipers. Gurkak the Goblin King enters the battle after the initial clash to join the goblin warriors on the frontlines. After Gurkak reaches 25% health, he becomes temporarily invulnerable to call in reinforcements, consisting of more goblin warriors and goblin snipers. The reinforcements spawn in intervals.

Order of Battle Edit

Due to inexperience in battle, the players organized themselves into specialized units with specific roles. Of the 10 parties that formed the army, there were 5 shieldsmen, 1 swordsmen, 2 archers, 1 spearmen, and 1 reserve units. The shieldsmen were arranged in a single line to prevent flanking maneuvers, with all of the other units evenly distributed behind the shield walls to respond to attacks.

Units Edit

  • 1st Shieldsmen
  • 2nd Shieldsmen
  • 3rd Shieldsmen
  • 4th Shieldsmen
  • 5th Shieldsmen
  • 1st Swordsmen
  • 1st Archers
  • 2nd Archers
  • 1st Spearmen
  • Reserve